USC studentsWelcome to USC’s website of information for colleagues on the research track, teaching track, professors of the practice track, and clinical track

The Academic Senate executive board supports the creation of this website as a channel for communication and provision of up-to-date information.

On this site you’ll find information on the role of all faculty in faculty governance, and our policies and practices, as well as some helpful links.

Michael Quick



For additional  information about resources for faculty, visit the Academic Senate, the Faculty Portal, and the Center for Excellence in Teaching.  The Faculty Portal includes pages on faculty resources, faculty development and mentoringteaching, benefits,   and other topics.  It also includes a list of university-level committees — all faculty are eligible, full-time and part-time; contact your faculty council chair to make your interest known. The Faculty Handbook contains many important policies, and you can also view a convenient summary of RTPC  policies and practices.  In addition, school web pages often explain additional resources, including convenient access to information about their Faculty Councils and school-specific guidelines.  The Faculty Portal has a list of school-based mentoring activities.

Please visit the pages in the navigation menu for extensive and updated information.